Privacy Policy

Rainier Connect does not sell your personal information to anyone, at any time, for any purpose. Rainier Connect takes reasonable precautions to prevent unauthorized access to this information. We may use your personal information to create personalized services and advertising that contain information about (or is related to) products and services offered by us. If we do, it will be done only as allowed by applicable federal or state laws and regulations.

In order for Rainier Connect to provide reliable, high-quality service and maintain adequate records, Rainer Connect keeps regular business records that contain your name, address, telephone numbers and other personally identifiable information. These records include such items as billing, payment, deposit, complaint and service records. The records may also include information you have furnished to Rainier Connect, such as equipment specifications and the service options you have chosen. Rainier Connect uses this information to sell, maintain, disconnect and reconnect services; to make sure that you are being billed properly for the services you receive; and to maintain financial accounting, tax, service and property records including records required to be maintained by federal or state law or regulation or which are required by the terms of Rainier Connect's Cable TV franchise.